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We are here for you.

Welcome to our website.

Michels Wilmes Rechtsanwälte is a medium-sized, regional law office. We set the standards of our legal work at the very highest level, working together with our clients to arrive at tailor-made, economically viable solutions.

We are an independent operator.

Thanks to our network, which continues to grow, we are able act speedily for our customers to deal with even the most complex issues lying outside of our core skills in order to help master problems and provide assistance in their business decisions. One special aspect of our work is being able to draw on a team with a long track record, bringing in those persons to best match the client's specific requirements.

Team leadership, management and coordination.

Our lawyers are team players boasting a broad range of interdisciplinary expertise such that we can also take on those jobs for our clients entailing the managing of outsourced legal departments. By handling the tasks of team leadership, project management and coordination we remain the single point of contact for our clients and are thus able to guarantee our clients the optimum of service.
We look forward to your enquiry.